A Salon for All Seasons

What is it?

A mix of cabaret, conversations and candour;

these salons showcase primarily women artists in music and storytelling.

With your host Rosanna Marie and her alter-ego the Duchess Provocateur contributing regular provocation,

these evenings offer an opportunity to socialise beyond your immediate circle, designed as they are to encourage engagement . . .

Do I have to dress up?

There is no obligation to do anything you feel uncomfortable with,

we will be pleased to welcome you whatever your style,

however, should you wish to don an outrageous frock,

or cut a dash in an eccentric jacket,

pin a small nosegay to your corsage, or simply sport a boutonniere,

your host will be delighted . . .

Is it for me?

Try one and see . . . perhaps reminding yourself

"if you do what you have always done, you get what you have always got" 

so do come along and remember as Anais Nin once said 

"Life shrinks or expands according to ones courage."

A Salon for All Seasons ~ on tour

Watch this space . . . 

Whens the next one?

Currently, THE SALON is taking a break whilst Rosanna Marie

and her alter ego Madame Provocateur are taking study leave . . .  


 In the meantime if you didn't attend

and you are curious, check out Tales of Summer


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Rosalind J Turner

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