October 1, 2018

Since my last post I have been following with interest the latest round of discussion and debate on and off the front page in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein story.  The recriminations, confessions and #metoo’s, one could be forgiven for that oh so human quality of enjoying a good story, how juicy!   Or is it simply a distraction from the bigger picture?

In a recent dialogue with a new acquaintance he suggested...

October 16, 2017

OK . . . as some of you know, I aim to walk my talk . . . like many of us, I often don't manage it, one faltering step forward, then two steps back and so on . . . sometimes able to skip, sometimes almost dancing on the tightrope, and sometimes barely able to stand .  Like many of us, I keep showing up, keep hoping and keep trying  . . . 

Approaching the other end of 50 and feeling a sense of...

September 21, 2016

Support – Walking our Talk

So here we are, just hours away from walking into Oxford with nearly 50 walkers to raise the curtain on the One Earth, One Humanity, One Future Festival.   Arriving on International World Peace Day with Satish Kumar at the helm, we couldn’t have chosen a better day to complete our 50 mile pilgrimage.

For those that don't know, Satish Kumar is a passionate walker and tireless campaigner for peace....

September 10, 2016

So here we are a matter of days away from Resurgence Magazines 50th Birthday and the R50 Pilgrimage Walk. I am taking the opportunity of no teenager present to do an all nighter on my website, before finally tackling the very last event planning stages of this particular event, the R50 Walk.

I have been involved in this process since early March this year when Satish Kumar and I sat down for our initial conversa...

June 24, 2016

So here we are, duped and divided, championing separation and building walls . . . forgetting in the process. that whatever colour, creed or nationality we are, whatever belief system we hold dear, squabbling amongst ourselves will find us all on the losing side . . . .

So as I quietly consider what can I do this morning in the face of such separation I would like to begin by thanking one of Bristol's passionate voices, Deasy B...

June 16, 2016

How do we build it?

How do we develop it? 

What do we really mean by that oft uttered phrase, 'I trust you'? 

This feels like a very pertinent question right now, not only for me personally as I deconstruct my relational habits and the particular familial lens I can look through, but politically as we ask ourselves as a nation, are we 'IN' or are we 'OUT' of that much bigger relationship?

I am happy to confess I am no great p...

June 15, 2016

Now about a year in to 'sitting in the bloody chair' as I affectionately describe the therapeutic process, and, as together we, (the therapist and I), deconstruct what it means for me to be human, being alive at this time, in this body, in this culture, with these set of interests, challenges and skills . . . one of the areas that I am currently pondering is the issue of trust. 




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