Working with Resugence Magazine as producer of the R50 Pilgrimage Walk 2016

Sunday 18th Sept until  Wednesday 21st.- R50 Pilgrimage

Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th Sept - Reflective Morning Walks as a daily part of the R50 Celebration

RESURGENCE R50 PILGRIMAGE ~ Sunday 18th until  Wednesday 21st September 2016

THE BRIEF ~ to research, risk assess. plan, organise, and facilitate a public pilgrimage walk to Oxford for 50 people in celebration of both Satish Kumar's 80th year and Resurgence's 50th anniversary.

Over a six month period I worked part time to deliver this project with additional support from key members of the Resurgence team, namely Elaine Green, Angie Burke, Gwydion Batten, Lynn Batten and Grace Rodgers.

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William Thomas


I was reflecting on how I am on this voluntary walk and having a nice time with a warm bed at the end of it and it led me to reflect on the thousands that have been forced to leave their homes and walk not knowing where they will end up”



I am thoroughly enjoying this walk, to be with such delightful people having such wonderful emerging conversations, with Satish as our guiding light, fabulous, thank you for all your organisation Rosalind”       

Will Tooby from The Fold in Bransford. Worcestershire

I have been really blown away by the size of everyone’s ideas and it has really given me a new lease of life after the 4 days of walking”

Mark from Cornwall

“The things I have enjoyed most about the walk is spending so much time outside, being in touch with nature, the company and the so many interesting conversations I have had”

Sam J Wareham-Turner from Bristol – the youngest team member at 16

 “The walk was an incredible opportunity to meet beautiful people, have time for reflection, admire the River Thames and spend time with Satish and his inspiring thinking”

Francisco from Costa Rica

“I really appreciated the walk that allowed me to enjoy the beauty of the Thames, meet and enjoy conversation with different people, and be inspired by their energy”

Jaimen from China


My name is Mar, and it’s been really inspiring to be on this walk, following Satish’s footsteps, listening and learning from him, meeting amazing people along the way with fascinating backgrounds and stories to share, making new connections, enjoying the river and especially walking in silence, I feel really honoured to be on this walk, thank you.”

“This walk is my first pilgrimage and I have learned the difference between a pilgrimage and a walk, on a pilgrimage you leave behind all your worldly worries and be entirely in the present moment which I have really enjoyed. I have thoroughly enjoyed the beauty and serenity of the Thames, beautiful trees and being alongside water, and I have especially enjoyed the connections I have made with some really interesting people which will help me in my personal life but also in professional life.  Thank you for such a great walk.”

Mukti Kumar Mitchell from Bristol

“I have loved it, firstly this pilgrimage has been an amazing experience of community which grew stronger and stronger as the days past, also it is such an eye opener to be called back into the nature where we often want to go and somehow life gets in the way.  I have also found it a purifying experience, thinking about these words, ONE EARTH, ONE HUMANITY, ONE FUTURE, which is so very relevant for all of us, to contemplate on this during

our walk has been very powerful. I feel so privileged to be here”

Heike Podger originally from Germany

William Thomas

REFLECTIVE DAILY WALKS ~ Fri 23rd to Sun 25th September 2016 - R50 Programme 

Sharing the Silence, Exploring Ideas

These morning walks, in addition to giving a small taste of the pilgrimage walk experience, they offered the opportunity to begin each day of the R50 event meeting other conference participants, sharing some quiet reflective walking and dialogue on the move through Worcester College’s beautiful grounds. This combination of movement with the exploration of ideas helped delegates to begin the process of diving below the surface with new friends and old in preparation for the talks of the day.

Images from both the Pilgrimage Walk & R50 Celebration Facilitated Morning Walks

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Rosalind J Turner

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