LATEST NEWS ~ JAN & FEB 2019 . . .
Following up the Bravery School artists residency (January 2017), there are new strands in development.
Taking a deep dive into BRAVERY with a revolutionary new course entitled JOURNEY TO THE HEART OF BRAVERY, a collaboration between BRAVERY SCHOOL & SHADOW JOURNEY  This course offers 8 meetings over 4 weekends in Bristol through Spring and early Summer 2019, the course can be taken as a whole progressional course, or you can sign up to each day individually.
Bravery School Podcast coming soon . . . 
In development ~ making and crafting, currently exploring up-cycled clothing, fascinators and jewellery made from found items. Actively seeking creative opportunities as a "JANE OF ALL TRADES' within the UK Festival and Circus Circuit



Training originally as a production thrower and decorator in a small studio pottery in Lincolnshire, the arts have been an integral part of my life, interwoven since my early years with a range of roles as diverse as teaching women self defence through to driving 7.5 ton trucks!   However it was working for 13 plus years in event and project management in a variety of settings, that led me to become increasingly interested in how we are as human beings; the identities we create and the structures we design for ourselves.  


These areas of interest, coupled with becoming a parent, led directly to my taking a Post Graduate Diploma in Humanistic Psychology entitled Leadership, Facilitation & Coaching, (2006 - 2008), and my further explorations in the field of personal and professional development.


Curious about where individual and organisational change intersect with the social and political, and where our relationship with our inner world affects our relationship with the outer one. I am interested in the stories we tell ourselves, the tales we tell others and the cultural narratives we create.


Working with women's stories intermittently for over 20 years, latterly I have begun to explore the female narrative, unpacking personal and social change through playing with, and deconstructing the identities we create for ourselves. I am interested in exploring the cultural narratives we construct, from the day to day minutiae to the grander themes that can sometimes take on mythic proportions through a variety of mediums. This curiosity is leading me to research ideas through performance, writing, event design/production and craft.



Asked, (as direct northerner) where I stand on feminism.  To this question I would like to quote two very different and inspirational women. Firstly, the artist Amanda Palmer who when recently questioned for Ms Magazine said this,

"To me, feminism is just a tidy way of saying that we all need equal rights, because clearly it’s going to be a win-win when we achieve gender parity globally."


And secondly, the writer, historian and activist, Rebecca Solnit, who recently wrote this comprehensive piece capturing beautifully many of my feelings on being a woman in 2019.



360 VIEW


Finally, as a committed, albeit unconventional parent, lover of good food, wild swimming, and the importance of always learning, I combine all of the above with my deep love of the natural world. 

This is what I bring to the table.  Described by others as insightful, plain-speaking, a risk-taker, courageous and deep thinking, I sometimes describe myself as an edge-walker, which according to permaculture is where all the interesting things happen . . . 

Social Artistry
"Social Artistry is the art of enhancing human capacities in the light of social complexity. It seeks to bring ways of new thinking, being and doing to social challenges in the world."
       Jean Houston

An interdisciplinary practitioner primarily focused on human potential, 

exploring the edges and blurring the lines . . . 

PLEASE NOTE - The only social media link active below is my Instagram account,

Rosalind J Turner

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