BACKGROUND ~ With over 35 years experience of project management, designing and delivering events of various shapes and sizes, I am seeking new creative opportunities for 2019 and beyond. 

As you will see from my CV I have previously worked with a number of leading festivals in a variety of roles, and latterly designed and run my own smaller events during the last 12 years.

Event Production, Curator, MC, 'Jane of all Trades'

with design and delivery experience.

CURRENT ~ As a parent of a now 19 year old, A levels completed and my son stepping out into the world, its time for me to step back in . . .

I am interested in roles that offer opportunities to use my broad range of skills.  As a polymath and a 'JANE OF ALL TRADES', I have experience across many areas.   With event production they include consultation on event design, team leadership roles, creative directorship, curating, site management, project management etc.


In tandem with the above leadership roles, I have many years experience with practical, hands on roles too, such as driving, (I can drive up to 7.5 ton with C1 and BE on my licence), managing camp kitchens, cooking for large numbers, sewing and crafting skills, and working experience with dogs and horses.  


Bringing all this together with experience and understanding of working and living onsite

pre/build, during and post events.

I AM SEEKING ROLES WITHIN EVENTS, UK Festivals, and circus, particularly outdoor events, looking for festival, circus and event  opportunities for Spring/Summer 2019 and beyond. 

Whether the role is small, medium or large,

any combination of the above or something else

you think might fit . . .

PLEASE NOTE - The only social media link active below is my Instagram account,

Rosalind J Turner

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