Lives:   Bristol, UK

Driving:   Full Driving Licence - experience of driving full range of vehicles up to 7.5 ton,

                 (Cat C1 with BE)


  • Online Coaching ~ 'the acceptable woman' 'coaching for bravery' 'courage to critique'

  • Commercial Driving ~ agency work - various vehicles up to 7.5 ton

  • Research & Development 

~ Next steps for Bravery School



POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN HUMANISTIC PSYCHOLOGY - Leadership, Facilitation and Coaching - IDHP ~ 2006 -2008

BA CERAMICS - UWE Bower Ashton ~ 99 - 2003

BTEC STUDIO CERAMICS - Derby University ~ 1981 - 84


First Aid at Work

Mental Health First Aid

School of Social Entrepreneurs ~ 1 year program

Walk Leadership Training

City & Guilds Further and Adult Education Teaching Certificate

Training for Trainers - Women's Self Defence

Bristol Mediation Volunteer Training  in Conflict Resolution

Event Management Training

as Interdisciplinary Practitioner 

JOURNEY TO THE HEART OF BRAVERY - An intergenerational workshop for women exploring the stories we tell ourselves and the tales we tell others - Sept 18 to April 19


A SALON FOR ALL SEASONSA mix of cabaret, conversations and candour; these salons showcase primarily women artists in music and storytelling ~ Spring planning for Summer & Autumn Events 2017 

BRAVERY SCHOOL ~ Artists Residency, Photography Exhibition, Performance & Discussion 

Autumn & Winter 2016, Winter, Spring & Summer 2017


RESURGENCE 50 ~ Pilgrimage & Reflective Daily Walks ~ Spring, Summer & Early Autumn 2016


NETWALKING SOUTH WEST ~ A combination of open and bespoke Facilitated Creative Dialogue on the move (primarily for small business) ~ November 2012 to Autumn 2016. (PLEASE NOTE ~ Bespoke Networks for business and conferences still available, click here for further information)

RITUAL ART IN NATURE ~ Seasonal Workshops in Nature with two facilitators combining environmental arts and personal development facilitated from  a therapeutic perspective ~ Spring 2012 to Spring 2016

CONFIDENCE IN BUSINESS ~ Design, development and delivery of course for Women In Business 0 to 5 years ~ Autumn, Winter 2014, delivery Winter & early Spring 15


FACILITATION ~ Schumacher College and other organisations ~  September 2008 to present

KITCHEN MANAGER & COOK - Setting up a camp kitchen, devising menus and guiding volunteers to feed 120 participants and crew - Rise Up Singing Camp, Dartmoor, Devon - 2010 - 2014

WALKING TO MEET OURSELVES ~ Creative Coaching Practice that engages the client with self and nature ~ 2010 to current

PARENTING ~ The biggest interdisciplinary job of them all! ~ 2000 onwards . . . 

Sustainability and Ecology

Sustainability and our ecological footprint led to my working with CRN, Community Recycling Network and Network Recycling.  Working in roles as diverse as admin, event support, driving 7.5 ton lorries to deliver compost bins and ultimately working on site at Glastonbury Festival co-coordinating the litter pick for 1998 and 1999.

This interest developed into supporting leading thinkers on ecology and sustainability, by volunteering at Green and Away Tented Conference Centre, 2003 to 2007 and running two sell out events at the previous venue Bordeaux Quay in Bristol, hosting speakers such as Satish Kumar, Tom Hodgkinson, Carl Honore, Patrick Holden.   


Following my study in Humanistic Psychology, (Leadership, Facilitation and Coaching), I worked at Schumacher College intermittently as one of their freelance facilitators.  Their focus on interactive and experiential learning to develop the practical skills and strategic thinking required to face the ecological, economic and social challenges of the 21st Century is renowned, and being part of that for 8 years, had a profound affect on my development as an interdisciplinary practitioner.

Event & Production Management ~ Design, Delivery and Consultation

Between 1986 and 1999 I worked within various production management roles for WOMAD, GLASTONBURY and other smaller festivals and events.


~ Coordinator of the Litter Pick at Glastonbury Festival 1998 & 1999

~ May Balls for Aberystwyth SU under canvas for 1000 plus students and staff with Jules Holland & Humphrey Lyttelton 1991 & 92

~ Event Coordinator Ashton Court Festival 1989 & 1990

~ Event Coordinator MTV Party = International Animation Festival 1989

as Trainer

Through my initial volunteering role at Ashton Court Festival through to my later freelancing roles, I have been been involved in designing and delivering training both in house and independently for BCC, WEA and various charities, social enterprises and training organisations.  Training on specific event related subjects as well as my training specialism; issues relating to women, specifically self esteem, body image, self defence, developing your business and other personal development subjects.

as Maker

Studying and working as a trainee production thrower & decorator for two years at the beginning of my working life was my foundation in clay.  I later studied this subject twice, exhibited at New Designers in London and local West Country Shows, selling my work privately and on commission.  In recent years I have become interested in costume, making fascinators and upcycling clothing which I wear.

Various Roles 

Between 1975 and 1986, post school and without a clear trajectory, I embarked on a decade of experimentation. 

My work included everything from waitress and barmaid through to picker on a production line, garage operative and girl groom, cook, trainee production thrower and decorator at a local pottery, assistant matron in a girls prep school to the life changing volunteering at Ashton Court Festival in April 1986.


Personal & Professional Development Statement

For me, an essential part of 'being human' is exploring my edges.  With my desire to understand the different aspects of my own psyche, and thus perhaps gain a wider understanding of the human condition, since 1985 I have undertaken a wide range of personal and professional development training to enhance my understanding.  This training has included several years of voice work with various practitioners from the Natural Voice Practitioners Network; several courses in Shamanism, Ecopsychology, and many short courses across various art mediums including Ceramics, Chinese/Japanese Painting, and more recently, 2016 onwards, writing, theatre and performance workshops.

for current interests and thinking ~ visit here

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Rosalind J Turner

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