My Approach as a Facilitator

My training in Humanistic Psychology entitled Leadership, Facilitation & Coaching gave me the opportunity to dive deep; not only into theories and models, but into the felt senses, and the experiential, offering an opportunity to consolidate and build on my earlier years as a group trainer.  


With a broad canvas of life experience upon which to draw, I am particularly interested in empowering others in developing awareness 

What I bring is the human element, with many years experience of working with groups in various capacities, I have some understanding of the human condition and through group coaching techniques I can work to improve individual and group relationships

I aim to lead with authenticity and integrity, following what Mac Macartney from Embercombe calls, 'the twin trail of leadership ~ the inner path of self knowing and the outer path of action in the world'.  


I have been described as passionate, insightful, courageous and a deep thinker. I try to bring all of myself to this facilitator role, "which can sometimes can means the clunky bits too".

I work with an embodied approach, uniting my experience with the mind/body connection through my 'walk and  talk work, weaving together the various strands of my experience that include my warmth, candour, courage to challenge,  humour, and compassion. It is these qualities that I try to bring along with my straight talking style to all the groups I work with, aiming to shine a light in the dark corners, "it is a work in progress . . . "

What I offer ~ Issues & Groups I work with

  • Work both one-to-one and with groups in a coaching role in the natural environment. To this work I bring a strong grounded presence, listening skills, warmth, compassion and understanding.  The 'walking and talking' model I have developed provides sanctuary and respite from the cultural norm of more, harder, faster, smarter . . .   Using a variety of contemplative tools and techniques that provide an experience that steps away from doing into being.  Working with story & metaphor I offer my insight, intuition and awareness to draw out new perspectives, ultimately moving in to guided discussion to integrate new awareness and choices.

  • Any group gathering to share or discuss a particular topic that needs an external facilitator to hold boundaries of time, confidentiality and other agreed ground rules.​

  • As a facilitator I can work with groups which are struggling to do a stated task and where underlying and unspoken process issues may need to be unpacked before the task can be effectively addressed.

  • Work with groups as a Facilitator & Trainer of Educational Workshops ~ I can design & deliver a range of workshops in the field of personal and professional development, my particular specialism in this area is women's confidence, personally and professionally

My advice to anyone wanting to work with a facilitator

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Rosalind J Turner

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