Seeking Equine Trading Skills Opportunities

During the next 3 years, (Jan 19 to Jan 22) I am actively looking for equestrian local & work away experiences.

My ideal would be to work with Iberian Horses, Lusitanos, Andalusian, and/or Fresians  

I am a mature woman offering a range of skills (see skills section below). I am initially looking for opportunities within Europe, in the first instance within the UK, Portugal or Spain, for between 1 and 4 weeks at a time.  However I am also open to helping out locally several days per month.


I am seeking to improve my equine knowledge. I am interested in opportunities

that offer ground work and possible riding, with some additional training in riding skills if available. I am especially interested in Iberian horses and Frisians.

Multi skilled, fit, healthy and for the most part, comfortable in my own skin, I enjoy diversity hence my varied skill set. I consider myself a 'Jane of all Trades',  with a particular interest in logistics, planning and organising. 

I love the outdoors, I am a keen swimmer, (often rather than distance), and I also enjoy dressing up just for the fun of it.  I am passionate about being a life long learner.

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Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you wish to ask me any questions, I will endeavor to reply within 48 hours.


  • Animals: I have many years experience of looking after dogs, some basic horse care knowledge and I would be interested to learn about other farm animal care in addition to increasing my skills in working with horses.

  • Horse-womanship - currently, I would describe myself as a novice (but not a beginner having intermittently ridden throughout my life) I have some very rudimentary knowledge of horse care, having worked with horses previously and wish for the opportunity to improve this. I have experience of both British Horse Society methodology and Natural Horsemanship. 

  • Cooking - I have cooked for large numbers (120) for several years on a camp working with volunteers

  • Event Organising - 13+ years in event design, production management and delivery. 

  • Group Facilitator, Trainer and Workshop Leader - 20 years experience 

  • Driving - I can also drive any vehicle up to 7.5 ton with Cat C1 and BE active on my UK licence. i would also be interested to learn to drive farm vehicles.

  • IT SKILLS - Include basic work processing, (Word) very basic spreadsheets, (Excel), some design skills having designed own websites primarily using blank templates eg. WIX.COM

  • Babies and Childcare - As a parent myself I do have some knowledge in this area, and for limited periods of time I would be happy to help out with childcare, HOWEVER, I wouldn't want baby and childcare to be a primary skills swap activity. 

  • Gardening: my knowledge is limited and my approach in my small garden is from an aesthetic point of view, aiming to work in harmony with nature. 

  • Sewing - I enjoy sewing and have some basic skills in this area as I enjoy upcycling my own clothes.

  • Arts & Crafts, I am trained in ceramics and have broad interests that includes, Drawing, Chinese and Japanese painting, and making fascinators from found items.


I'M ALSO HAPPY TO TURN MY HAND TO MOST THINGS, either outside, stable work, grooming etc., or in, housework, cooking, etc. 

FORMAL QUALIFICATIONS - I have a Ceramics BA and Post Grad in Humanistic Psychology.

WORKING / ACCOMMODATION ARRANGEMENTS ~ I am happy to work on my own or with others, HOWEVER, for sleeping arrangements I would need a solo space; own room, caravan, tent/yurt with wood-burner.

For more information about me and my skill set please visit my CV.

PLEASE NOTE - The only social media link active below is my Instagram account,

Rosalind J Turner

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