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September 10, 2016



So here we are a matter of days away from Resurgence Magazines 50th Birthday and the R50 Pilgrimage Walk. I am taking the opportunity of no teenager present to do an all nighter on my website, before finally tackling the very last event planning stages of this particular event, the R50 Walk.


I have been involved in this process since early March this year when Satish Kumar and I sat down for our initial conversation about a potential walk to celebrate not only 50 years of Resurgence, but his 80th birthday.  Many miles walked, emails sent and conversations had, and now we are on the final countdown . . . 


 . . . and what I have been reflecting on particularly since my last post in June after the Brexit vote, is the theme of support.  For each of us in our lives, no matter what story we are living, whichever chapter we are in, be it epic or mundane, high adventure or quietly repetitive, we cannot get up and do the things we do without support.  Without the invisible web of interconnections our often cleverly choreographed lives would simply grind to a shuddering halt.



So as we rapidly approach both the R50 Walk and the Resurgence 50th Celebration

I would like to champion some unsung heroes behind the scenes of these approaching events.  


Now you may say isn't this a little premature, the events have yet to come and anything may happen between now and then . . . of course, that is completely true, but that's not the point of this blog post.  Its not about saying look at us, aren't we clever, we have done this or that . . .  nor is it some flight of sycophancy,  it is simply about acknowledging the UNSUNG HEROES, the people sitting day after day, digital mouse in one hand and phone in the other.  The hundreds of hours that go into making a few days of events happen, this is what often goes unnoticed and frequently, the world over, unacknowledged. 


So, to ALL the extraordinary, committed and hard-working staff at Resurgence,  partners within Oxfam, Worcester College and the independents, but especially to Elaine Green, Angie Burke, Gwydion Batten, Emma Cocker, Lynn Batten,  Rachel Marsh, Grace Rodgers, Will Gethin & Fiona Fraser-Smith, THANK YOU, thank you for all your hard work and for supporting me to play my small part in these celebrations.


These are the UNSUNG HEROES of this particular story  . . . 


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