Walking our Talk

September 21, 2016


Support – Walking our Talk


So here we are, just hours away from walking into Oxford with nearly 50 walkers to raise the curtain on the One Earth, One Humanity, One Future Festival.   Arriving on International World Peace Day with Satish Kumar at the helm, we couldn’t have chosen a better day to complete our 50 mile pilgrimage.




For those that don't know, Satish Kumar is a passionate walker and tireless campaigner for peace. Editing Resurgence magazine for 43 years, the magazine began its life as a peace publication before expanding its remit to cover the environment, social justice and spiritual well-being. So how fitting that since the United Nations declared this day, (21st September) would be devoted to commemorating and strengthening ideals of peace, a resolution sponsored by both the UK and Costa Rica, we are walking into with Oxford with not only this long term peace activist and UK resident Satish but amongst our international group, one of his Schumacher College students from Costa Rica.


Francisco is one of 6 Schumacher students from across the globe that felt called to join this celebration pilgrimage of 50 miles before heading back to Costa Rica to begin a series of ground breaking projects.




With walkers from as far away as Australia and as local as Cotswolds residents, and with Satish celebrating his 80th birthday earlier this year and my son his 16th, we span both continents and generations.  And that has been one of the real highlights for me on this walk, the opportunity, as a passionate proponent of dialogue on the move, to help craft a walk where we truly get to walk our talk.  Discussing One Earth, One Humanity and One Future, not only internationally, but intergenerationally too.


So as we pack our bags for one last journey and as this is  my second blog on the theme of support, on behalf of all of the walkers and especially the core team, Satish Kumar, June Mitchell, Mukti Mitchell, Rosalind J Turner, Sam J Wareham-Turner and William Thomas, we would like to say a big heartfelt thank all to those individuals and businesses that helped us on our journey


From patient taxi-drivers, thank you Charlies Travel, to bemused hoteliers as we took over the bar of the New Inn at Lechlade with spreadsheets and teashirts, thank you Simon.  Kind hostelries trying to find cabs to whisk weary walkers back to their campsite or guest house, thank you to all the staff at the Swan Inn Radcot Bridge.  The Talbot Inn at Swinford for letting us all gather on mass for the last morning before we set off for Oxford, and a big shout out has to go to the lovely staff and manger Pete at the Rose Revived at Newbridge for the many coffees, endless jugs of water, making packed lunches and not to mention dealing with the eccentricities of the often barefoot guests, thank you again.


And finally, a huge thank you to Catherine at Paramo Clothing (recent winners of the Guardian Sustainability Award for Innovation), for the gift of our fabulous jackets, more of which in another blog . . .   and now I must go and finish that packing . . .


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