How many times do we receive something from others 

and whilst we might thank them privately, publicly, they go unacknowledged, 

as if all the splendid things in our lives were created in a vacuum . . . 

they are not, they are part of the rich web of our lives that often remains unseen,

 the many small gestures that make our lives better,

so here in my world, I thought it was time to put this right, 

here are just a few appreciations for this month of May thus far . . .  

THANKS Elizabeth

for Henry and

the rest . . . 

To my lovely neighbours for printing flyers for the Community Singing, THANKS Dave, Ali, Jane & Mary

To the team at Jacobs Wells Community Hub for helping to bring Community Singing to Jacobs Wells, THANKS, Sally, Judy,

Heather & Sidika

Who do you wish to thank?

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Rosalind J Turner

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